Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday September 2nd

I tried to watch the GOP convention...I could not do it!

Ugh, so much done and so much to do!

My house is close to 100 years old and the pipes for the gaslights were used for the wiring for fixtures. The pipes were to small to accommodate real wiring so a low voltage system with really THIN wires was installed. The day before yesterday the switches decided to no longer work. On was on and off was off. Now, I spent 25 years as a professional Lighting Designer (LD) and I know SQUAT about low voltage wiring! My most amazing electrician Brian came to save me today! I thought that it may be the transformer, but…jeez…I did not want to screw it up. Got the items ordered and as soon as they arrive Brian will come back and wire it all up.

He is also going to finish the wiring for the studio space. I am adding 3 20-amp circuits to make it a livable space. It is going to be a bona fide rental unit after the gem show in Feb. I have it rented out for that time! Praise be! HA! I know when I have done a good job on something when a tried and true guy like Brian notices my new door without me saying a word. Said he liked the solution to the crumbling wall issue that I had! He is one of my hero’s in the professional tradesman world.

Well, one more of my favorite players has now been added to the D-Back roster. The most excellent David Eckstein has been gained by my D-Backs and he added to the game his first night on the roster. Dunn, who has played the outfield for years, is now on first base and Eck is now playing second, moving from the shortstop position. He is on FIRE!!!! I continue my hopes for the D-Backs and I want them to go to the playoffs this year. I am holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed that we can hold out for the division.

Got loads done today and have SO MUCH MORE TO DO!!!! Applications for exhibit slots and getting teaching apps finished for PSBF.

I was given a bag of Pistachios from Elizabeth and Scott while I was in Chicago. Now these are special ones. From…..um….I cannot remember. But it has come down to me dolling them out 15 at a time or I would have powered through the bag in 20 minutes. I cannot explain how good these things are!

Did anyone see the Ferrari knitted from yarn? This made me laugh!!!

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