Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Sept. 7th

I could not have asked for a more delightful evening. Jane, Robin and Susan came over for dinner and an evening of relaxation and that is exactly what we had. As we ate out in my covered cabana we got to watch the lightning from a distant monsoon. It was a perfect evening and as always it is such a pleasure for me to cook for guests. As we watched the lighting I tried to explain the smell of a desert monsoon. I failed horribly. It is hard to describe the smell of the hot desert earth mixed with a breeze and hot rain. The conversation ran the gamut of so many topics I lost track half way through the evening. Robin is as funny as always and as irreverent. (in a good way)

I am busy at the tasks that are before me and I am going watch the conclusion to the Andy Murray vs. Rafael Nadal match this afternoon. The remains of TS Hannah interrupted the match yesterday in the third set and the women’s final was also postponed till this evening. I would personally love to see the men’s final between Murray and Federer.

Have a great Sunday and I hope that it is a beautiful where you are as it is here. It is a glorious 98ยบ and the humidity is low and the pool is perfect.

This just made me laugh out loud!

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