Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday September 29th

I want to congratulate the Peoples Republic of China for it’s first successful launch into outer space and their first space walk. I believe that the Chinese, like so many others, have been so influenced by William Shatner and Star Trek. All we have to do is see what symbolic icons from the world of Trek that they included into their nifty logo!

The Newest Residents of Tucson!

I have to say that I broke down and got myself a gift a few weeks ago. I truly wanted to be part of the "SK" team that was instituted by Cris and Gail. So, today, I received Uglydog…aka "SK" and I also got Bop-n-Beep. Now the great part of my day was when I opened another box from Gail today and I received my very own Ice Bat Uglydoll and Ice Bat Journal. This was such a really nice way to be greeted upon arriving home! Thanks gals, I had such a WONDERFUL time when you came to visit/play. I want you both to come back NOW! But, alas, Gail of off to France! Silly girl.

I continue to be bewildered by politics and this Bail Out. I found it amazing that the Republicans abandoned GWB and John McCain today. Yet the GOP professes total UNITY in the party. The de facto GOP leader came back to DC to make sure to get it right, yet when it comes down to it, he could not muster the votes necessary to pass the bill. I guess it would have been better had he NOT held a press conference to claim victory right before the Republicans abandoned ship on the vote because of a “nasty” speech by Nancy Pelosi? WOW, that’s country first for sure!

I still have a crush on Rachel Maddow and now I have to include Tina Fey.
These 2 have great wit and excellent timing! Well done ladies!!!
Thank you for the entertainment value of the year.

MY SOX ARE NOT OUT OF IT YET. An Alexei Ramirez Grand Slam in the 6th inning pulled the Sox to a 8 to 2 victory over Detroit. Tomorrow, the Brewers and the Soxs meet for a one game playoff for the division title. I need EVERYONE to perform the Vitruvian Pretzel move for my Sox. Well, just cross you fingers for me!

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