Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday September 12th

Sept 8th 1900 Issac’s Storm
This is Galveston, TX after the worst natural disaster in out nations history - 7000 people died that night.
The similarities are eerie.

Explain please!
Here we are with all of this really impressive technological gear telling us that this storm is going to be HUGE. The message was clear: GET OUT OR FACE CERTAIN DEATH! What is ambiguous about that statement? And yet there are those that are going to HUNKER down in Galveston, and wait out the storm, but after they realize their mistake, they try to leave after being told NOT TO and then the Coast Guard has to go out in the storm, risk their lives, and save these ARROGANT PEOPLE! They have saved at least 125 stranded people from their flooded cars and have just now at 3pm PST pulled the helicopters back to safety. Less than ½ of Galveston’s population has left, I do not understand! What about CERTAIN DEATH is hard to comprehend.

My thoughts are with the crew of the Cypriot freighter Antalina, 22 are stranded on board after they lost power. The Coast Guard could not safely lower the hoist to evacuate the crew.

These are images from the coast and all of this is BEFORE the storm makes landfall

I filed like a mad person today. The pile that had accumulated over the past weeks and dare I say maybe even several months, is all filed and sorted into the appropriate slots. I keep turning on the news to check on the latest information on Ike. It is such a scary time for everyone.

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