Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday September 21st

Oh, October here we come! - Let the Games Begin.

I am jumping out of my skin these days. I cannot wait for the October. I anxiously await the start of post season to start. It has been an exciting year for MLB this year. Trades that I would never have dreamed of. Players that had been given up for over the hill, finding new homes and re-creating their careers and becoming the corner stone of experience for their new teams. Surprises and Heart Break, that is what the game can bring to its fans. I am keeping hourly tabs on the ever changing close races; divisional leads grow or diminish daily and the final grasp for a playoff birth as the wildcard spot in each league is contested for.

It does not look good for my D-Back this year, the Dodgers do not seem to want to give up their 3.5 game lead in the NL West. I cannot blame them. In some satisfactory twist of fate, Joe Torre deserves to take the Dodgers to the Post season as the Yankees finish in the middle of their division nine games off of the pace.

My White Sox are hanging on with a 2.5 lead over Minnesota. And to have an all Chicago World Series would be absolutely beyond awesome since it has been 100 years since the Cubs have made it to the Fall Classic. I have NO love for Boston at all and am afraid that they will end up with the wild card for the AL. That is always dangerous for sure.

Being the die-hard Reds fan that I am I CANOT let the Phillies take the NL East and since I was living in NYC the year that the Miracle Mets of 1986 went all the way in some of the most amazing baseball I have ever seen. I will root for the Mets to pull through. They tanked HARD last year and I wish that on no team two years in a row.

I know that you all lived through my spring training moments this year and I am sad to say that I only got to one game this year. Totally unacceptable in every regard! If I could find a way to get to Chicago the end of next week to take in a Sox game I would do it in a heartbeat.

I have NO love for the Yankees but the import of today is not lost on me. I will not claim to get all of the permutations of division leads but unless something amazing happens this is the last game that will be played in Yankee Stadium. I watched an ESPN special on everything amazing that has ever happened in the House that Ruth Built.

The trifecta of 2 of the Perfect Games pitched in that stadium was an aspect that I did not get till this afternoon.

The 5th game of the 1956 World Series; Yogi Bera caught Don Larson’s perfect game. It is the ONLY perfect game ever pitched in a World Series.

On Yogi Bear day in 1999, Yogi (#8) caught the ceremonial first pitch thrown by his friend Don Larson. The scheduled pitcher for the Yankees, David Cone, in front of Yogi and Don threw 88 pitches for another perfect game.

A perfect game: 27 up / 27 down
no hits,
no walks,
no errors
not a single player from the opposing team sets foot on base for that game.

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