Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Setember 27th

It has been a very long 2 days of show and I have one more left. UGH!

I want to introduce you all to NINJA CAT!
I saw this video over a week ago and I just about died laughing.

I have been pondering this Bail Out and I have a question!!!
Am I allowed to request a personal bailout?

This year alone I have traveled over 50,000 miles in trains, planes and automobiles for all of my assorted teaching jobs and exhibiting gigs. I have been gone from my home for almost one quarter of the year. (Not including the trip to China near the end of last year.)

Think of all of the fuel that I could have saved if I had just thought of this sooner?

I would no longer have to drive myself over 25,000 miles a year to attend shows.
I would not have to stand behind a booth for 8 hours or teach for 10 plus hours a day.
I would no longer have to spend hours trying to come up with the next thing I am going teach so I can stay one step ahead of everyone else.
I would no longer have to spend days of my life in airplane seats or stand in airport lines watching my belongings be rummaged through by strangers.

If I get a bailout I could actually not be tired.

I see this plan as a far worthier bail out than the one that we are faced with right and it is also much cheaper. Jill Wiseman has signed on to my plan and has generously donated a dollar to my plan. Thanks Jill!

I can just sit in my house, alone, take dollars from the bail out committee, fill orders for tools, kits, and books and be an Internet surfer, pool cleaning and weed puller. I would actually have more time for weed pulling! Interesting plan!!!

The problem that I see is that I would have to sit at home alone, not put myself out in the world, pull weeds, clean my pool, ask for money, play on the internet and not do anything substantive, I have decided that I may not actually want this bailout.

But I think I’ll keep Jill’s dollar all the same!

Even though I could use the rest and it has been a long year, I would miss my life and my friends! The idea of not being out in the world and interacting with those of my profession is a fate worse than weed pulling! I’ll live with the weeds and enjoy my friends to the fullest. They are a great group.

Enjoy Ninja Cat....I did!

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