Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday September 13th

SNL News Update: Tina Fey will play Sarah Palin on SNL Tonight!
WATCH! I will for sure!
Have great weekend.
I have much to accomplish this weekend and am looking forward to a productive two days!

A tow truck with a great sense of humor in the face of it all!

What a night and what a morning! I got up after a restless 6 hours of sleep and went through my morning ritual of getting my Peets coffee, reading my favorite blogs, checking the news and reading my horoscope/tarot. This morning had been a deluge of fascinating reading & visual stimulus. Hope you find it a amusing and thought provoking as I do.

My Tarot - Byzant
The Root - Queen of Swords
The encouraging aspects of your situation at the moment have been brought about by being perceptive and fair to others, while keeping your cool and reading between the lines. More difficult aspects are likely to be the result of cruelty, deceit, unreliability or bitterness in yourself or others.

The Covering - Knight of Wands
This is a time when you need to act quickly and with strength, but you must be sure that your actions are fair and justified. Beware of any tendency towards aggressive or prejudiced acts. Consider your options, decide what you need to do, then just do it.

The Future - Queen of Wands
You are entering a time when you will be able to act on your feelings. You should strive to get in touch with what you truly feel, so that you will be able to apply this understanding. Be creative and adaptable, applying calm, persistent pressure rather than opting for an impetuous strike, and avoid any tendency towards vengeful or domineering acts.

Gina Gershon made me almost fall over this morning!

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