Thursday, September 11, 2008

For Pure Fun!

Elizabeth & Scott sent this a few days ago and I about fell out of my chair.

Read before viewing video... enjoy!

Dear Geek Squad,
I recently purchased an HP Printer, and when I am in the room watching it,
it works perfectly. However, nearly every time I leave it unattended, the
papers come out wrinkled, sometimes even shredded, with blurred ink. If I
re-start the print job and baby-sit it, there are no problems. You can
imagine that this has been very frustrating, and I would appreciate one of
your technicians coming out to fix whatever the problem is.
Thank you,
Dave Larson

Thank you for contacting the Geek Squad. As you know, one of our top
technicians was dispatched to investigate your printer problem. His initial
findings mirrored your experience, so he set up a hidden camera to document
what was causing the paper disruption. Please review the attached video,
and thanks again for your business. And for the laughs we all had upon
discovering the source of your problem.
Mark Donaldson
Geek Squad

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