Thursday, September 4, 2008

My thoughts from last night!

I just cannot understand!

I tried, I really tried. I lasted about 10 minutes until I got so mad that I had to go back to US Open Tennis. I have never seen more of a double standard that I witnessed over the last 24 hours.

Palin & GOP
Leave the family out of the news…Oh but wait, could you please show off the family in this photo Op of THE FAMILY with the boyfriend, greeting McCain in the tarmac?

They praised GWB and his leadership over the past 8 years and yet they are bringing in a “MAVERICK” to shake things up????
You cannot have it both ways, choose your poison and drink it. Are you for the last 8 years 90% of the time? You have hogtied the “Maverick” you claim to adore. You spout the same rhetoric of your established base that let’s the richest get richer.

They kept Palin in a locked room for the past week and would not let the press talk to her. What do you expect the press to do? Just ignore her “on the record” policies to let her get her feet wet. Welcome to the real world, you have blasted inexperience yet you choose someone who governed a in a remote portion of our country that has NEVER played on the world stage.

Here is what I cannot fathom…Here is a party that has ALWAYS

• Given to the richest 1%
• Burdened the middle class to work harder
• Ignored education to the point where we as a nation are close to no longer mattering in the world
•Made health care something that is beyond the affordable grasp of many. People have to decide to eat or take their medication
• The GOP claims to cherish family values and morality, yet they support the most secretive and duplicitous President in our nations history that has taken our standing of always having the Moral high ground in the world to place of ridicule
• Rudy Giuliani spoke of the evils of the liberal press yet he played so well to them when he needed them. Hello to the Mayor of America!!!
•The GOP spoke to the Eastern Elite? I am sorry but how rich is John McCain? Is he not a REALLY RICH GUY?
• I know that the security of our Nation is imperative; I lived in NYC for to many years not to have been personally touched by the events of 9/11. But I am tired of the GOP having us live in a state of fear. They keep playing the 9/11 card as a way to keep our nation in a state of overwhelming dept and fear.
•From what I have read this morning, not once was plight of the middle class addressed, not once was the state of our education issues addresses, not once was the housing issues addressed, and not once was foreign policy issues addressed. All I heard was sarcasm, belittling community service, and disparaging the efforts of pulling yourself up to the height of the American Dream with hard work and effort and then giving back to the community that you came from.

Can someone explain to me what is so appealing here? Hey, I grew up in Ohio, a state in which the Republicans saved the farmers, but once I left Ohio to go to school, traveled around the world, witnessed the abject poverty in Cairo & Sao Paulo & San Pedro Sula, I lived in the cities like, NYC, Boston, San Francisco & Los Angeles, I could no longer ignore the disparity that is so real.

Can we please open our eyes to everything?
Can we please see the world around and lead by example again?

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