Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Evening!

Ike hits Ohio.

It is hard to believe but the remains of TS Ike hit Dayton, Ohio and hits my mom hard. She calls to let me know that the winds are relay bad, 70 MPH bad, and that she has turned on her cell phone because the power is out. Then she call an hour later to tell me that 3 trees in the yard are down. I make her go out in the yard to see if the power lines to the house are cut and the tree has ripped them out of the house. It does not appear that there is damage to the house. An ancient Male Osage Orange Tree has fallen just feet from her bedroom, our neighbors have the female and the mess of all of the fruit!

This is my nightmare come to life. Ever since we lost my father, this is my nightmare. I can do Jack Shit from 2000 miles away and I am the one that gets it done. Well I am grateful for life long friends that live next door and have looked after mom for the past 2 ½ years.

She tells me it is a disaster and I have to remind her that this is just an inconvenience. Galveston and Texas are the disaster. This did not happen in the middle of the night with her in her bed and the tree falling into her bedroom. I am grateful for the powers that be and I am grateful for the friends that my mom has. They have been there for her ever since we lost my father. I wish I could do more for them other that just say thank you. But there it is, Thank You!

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