Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday May 21st.

The tasks never end. I got my tool delivery yesterday. It’s like Christmas morning except that I do not get to keep what I open. I get me final silver delivery by Friday and I will finish winding and packaging this weekend. I am not on my usual efficient schedule of being done a week early but there have been some things that have been out of my hands and I will be done and ready to go by the time I need to be.

I have been repacking all of the tools this morning so they can be found and set up in an orderly manner when I get to the show. I am lucky enough to have 3 really cool people (Cris, Gail and Karen) assisting me in setting up my classroom when I arrive in Milwaukee. That makes the daunting job seem not so bad and I know it will be filled with laughter and silliness!

The heat has been welcome and my bones are pleased with the warmth. I am swimming at least twice a day and I love the fact that I can swim at dusk and watch the sun go down.

I spent the 90 minutes getting the damage to my car looked at. I will never get that 90 minutes back. That is what makes it all the more frustrating when I think about the fact that the child who hit me was on her way to Europe for a paid summer vacation while I stood and wasted my time.

I did manage to get an appointment for a haircut so I will be well groomed for the show. That is always a really important thing.

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