Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday May20th.

So I am just getting all of my tasks done, the grocery store and the post office. I pulled out of my parking space at the post office had not dropped the shift into drive and some really stupid driver who does not know how to look in her rear view mirror backs into the drivers side door of my car. I really have no tolerance for that kind of stupid. There is no excuse at all for not checking behind you before you start backing out of your parking spot. Oh, that’s right she was chatting with her friend in the passenger seat as I honked my horn and tried to get her attention. This is the last thing that I need right now! I do not have the time for this crap

Well after I go the claims adjustment office this morning to waste several more hours of my day I will get back to work and start packing up for the show.

I am not a fan of starting off my day in a less than positive attitude.

Remember; Rainbows, Butterflies & Unicorns!

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