Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday May 3rd.

The first day of the Bead Expo Phoenix was fun. My best surprise was that the sweet Joyce Rooks was just 3 tables away. What a wonderful surprise to see her and to spend just a bit if time with her. I never get to see her too much and it is always a treat to see what she is up to and what she is creating a playing. (She is a bad-ass cello player!)

I have had a really wonderful time. My friend Vickie that is in the process of moving from Austin TX, (She is such a Texas kind of gal.) to Las Vegas for work spent the last two days hanging out with me on her way west. It has been her first experience into the bead world, and she has been a real trooper hanging out for a day at a bead show so we could go to a ball game last night.

Now, I am sorry to report that the D-Backs lost last night. Micah Owings, who was 4&0 did not pitch well right from the start. He got hit for 3 runs in the first inning and the D-Backs could just not fight back to ever get back into the game. The exciting part of the night was that Jose Reyes came with in 4 feet of hitting for the cycle. His first hit was a lead off triple at the start of the game, then a double, a single then…in the top of the eighth inning he was 4 feet away from an in the park home run. I have never seen a player hit for the cycle in a live game and to see a player like Reyes, who is so good, come go close, I was disappointed to not have him have that feather in his cap. It was exciting to watch though.

Tonight will be a very different evening. Diner with Jill Wiseman and Jane and Robin from Jane’s Fiber and Beads and I am sure to bed rather early. These shows are an interesting mix of folks it is always such a treat to see everyone.

Thanks to the folks at Interweave for setting up the tickets to the game last night! It was such a good time

Jill me & Vickie enjoying the main treats of a game.
A Polish Hot dog with all of the appropriate condiments!

The Amazing Joyce Rooks hanging out and having fun!

Bryan & Susan Nestor enjoying a moment of Tom-Foolery

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