Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday May 24th

I want the warmth again!
Where did it go?
Hello, warmth, where is you? Come Back!

The last 3 days have actually been grey, gloomy, windy and cold. Well, cold by Tucson standards is a bit different than for the rest of the country, I promise. I got 3 major shipments in yesterday, the last of the silver arrived. I now just have one shipment left and seeing as how I forgot that Monday was a holiday it will arrive on Tuesday. Nothing like cutting it close this year. So, I spent hours yesterday getting the last of the cutting of the fine silver finished and today will be the final day for the sterling winding and cutting. I am ready for this to all be finished up and to be on my way. The grey of these last few days have taken a toll and I am ready for the sun to warm me once again.

Jeez, I have so much stuff to pack into a vehicle, it is amazing what 1 3-day workshop and 10 classes can turn into.

So, today will be a day of tasks, baseball and maybe a familiar movie or two to provide audio distraction while I finish.

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