Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday May 14th.

Yesterday was cold, gloomy, windy, stormy and all around a ucky kind of day. That is until I went to the post office to do my web site sales run did the wind bring in the smell or rain. The scent of rain approaching is such an amazing sensation. The cool thing about Tucson is that mountains surround the city and the storms get “stuck” on the mountains. You can actually see the storms gain strength and then they cascade in. The wind picked up and the smell of the rain approaching made my day. I got home and we had a 5-minute shower that just cleared the air and made everything smell sweet.

I look around at all of the beauty that is just outside my door and am always so impressed with nature and how it is all woven into an intricate fabric that is right there for us to view. I can see the mountains, the cacti are flowering and nature is just outside my door.

Each day I get more done and am able to cross more items off of my list. As I get closer to the end of that list, optimism grows, I am just keeping my eye trained the finish line and the ultimate goal. As a reward for a making these accomplishments, I grilled salmon and had a lovely dinner break.

This morning is beautiful, the sun is shining and the day promises to be warm and the pool inviting. I took a bit of the morning for my Zen ritual of cleaning to pool. It is such a greet way to great the day. Watching the suns shadow spread across the water and the rays of the sun warm your skin.

Karen posted a very insightful piece yesterday, read it. It is worthy!

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