Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday May 4th.

Yesterday was a busy day at the show here in Phoenix. Once again, I have been lucky and have Internet access in the hall, so I can keep up to date on the ball scores. The connection is not that fast so I can’t watch the games. Kind of disappointing but oh well, we can’t have everything.

I was devastated by the news from the Kentucky Derby yesterday. The filly Eight Belles who came in second to Big Brown pulled up at the end of the race and broke both of her front ankles. She was put down at the finish line with-in minutes. I had just turned on ESPN in my hotel room to catch some of the late baseball scores and was excited to see the Derby coverage. My joy turned to horror as the story unfolded before me. I cried as I watched the news.
Horses are such beautiful creatures and they love to run more than anything and a true racer is never happier then when they are going full bore with the wind in their mane. When you look them in the eye you see just how smart they actually are and they crave the sensation of winning. I do not understand it but it is so true. They love the race! There is really nothing to compare to the sensation of power you have when you ride and you are in sync with your horse.
A friend of mine was asking me what the big deal about horse racing was and all I could say is that it is truly a way of life. These breeders, trainers and jockeys love these animals like family and are so proud of the lineage and the beauty that is in their care. I grew up in Dayton and Louisville, KY is just a short drive down I-75 and that horse race is a really big deal where I come from. There is nothing like the feel of real Kentucky Blue Grass under your feet and as a child we would drive through horse country the fields of grass and the long runs of the white fence lines accentuates the simplicity of the countryside where these amazing creatures are raised. I loved driving past the farms and watching the horses race alongside the fences and race the cars.

I will drive home this evening and wake up tomorrow in my own room. I have missed my girls and am ready to be home for a few weeks till I leave again for Bead & Button. These next weeks will be crazy getting everything ready.

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