Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday May 17th.

I had a very interesting conversation today, I was asked to take an imaginary walk through a wood and to look at the path I was on and discover a cup on that path. I saw a pristine blue and white Wedgwood Tea Cup & Saucer. I picked it up and looked over to see how beautiful it was and left it to continue on my journey. (I said that it was obviously not mine and that I was sure that someone would come back to look for it.) At the end of the walk through the woods I was told the see a wall, climb over the wall and asked to describe what I saw over the wall. I saw a beautiful field with the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz in the distance.

I was told that my cup was a cup of strength and the fact that it was a bone cup (not easy to see through) was important because I could be difficult to read or to figure out but that was ok. The significance of leaving the cup was that I was not finished yet and had more to do and would come back for the cup later. The view of the field over the wall was the Elysian Fields and the Emerald City is what I thought the afterlife would be like. (I was pleased about that because I said that I would definitely go up the man behind the curtain and ask for the answers to all of the questions that I had.)

So, I had a really, really, really productive day as well as a really, really, really hard day. There was loads done, more accomplished but importantly, loads more gleaned. Understanding and acknowledgement of ones true self (mind & soul) is important. Also important, is learning that what you have surmised but were not totally sure of was, in fact, a firm reality that you were not alone in this understanding. Actually coming face to face with these insights may hurt like hell but the final verbalization of these summations can only assist in further understanding and forward momentum.

Insight to the human soul is an amazing thing. Weather this insight comes through introspection, observation or the general accumulation of information, all of it is necessary to gain understanding. Once gathered, glance back the road traveled to see your journey, see the location that you are in and make clear choices as to which path to choose for your future. If in your heart you think, or you believe, that you have this insight and when that insight proves true it can do one of three things.
a. It can reaffirm the understanding that you believed.
b. It can change everything that you believed in.
c. Or in some strange way it can even do both.
My day was definably C. I gained a clearer insight to my perceptions. Affirmation of these perceptions has actually altered my opinions. I cannot find the words to accurately describe the “C” part right now but I am sure to my core that there has been a fundamental shift today.

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