Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday May 29th.

So, I am sleeping at 4am and the IM alert on my phone goes off very loudy. My first thought is wha-da-F? WHY-GOD-WHY? Well it turns out that Ralph takes his job of taking care of me while I am driving great distances very seriously. He tells me to get up and to get moving because there is REALLY bad weather heading my way and I need to beat it into Iowa.

Well I am glad that I listened, I pretty much was just in front of some very bad weather the entire 700 miles that I drove today. Thanks Man!

So I am now sitting in Cris Leonard’s living room after a wonderful Indian Dinner and the 24 hours of driving has done me in. What a treat to be able to sit and catch up and see her studio. I have a rare day off tomorrow and am planning on enjoying every moment of it. I am gonna try my best to “sleep in” a bit. That would be a real treat.

Jill Wiseman took the picture of my mini-van trip to the next and obvious level, especially after my “Rainbow Experience” yesterday. The addition of the Butterflies and Unicorns was a stroke of genius.

Ok, now I have to say just one thing. This seems to be Iowa’s answer to the 7-11. What was this person on when they thought that this was a good name for a convenience store? Yup, my mind goes straight to the gutter every time I see this sign. I feel like I am in Junior High all over again. I will admit that this does make me laugh! EVERY TIME!

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