Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday May 11th.

Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there.
These are for all you! Wish I could do more!

I believe that I am trying not to get sick. I woke yesterday with a sore throat, stuffy and feeling rather crappy. I took it easy in the morning hours, drank my juice, half slept later than usual and ran a few errands. I did not get to winding wire as I had hoped but I did get all 100 of the Woven Chain Kits finished. That consists a lot of easy tasks that would not make me feel any worse.

I did watch the Indiana Jones trilogy while working on the Woven Kits. It was fun to watch them again but they showed then in reverse order. Very strange, I had not watched Temple of Doom for years. There were a lot of gross things in the movie that I remember not liking! Well I still don’t, I closed my eyes a great many times. Eeek!

I had really weird dreams last night!
In my best Karen Allen Voice – “Damn you Indiana Jones!”

Well, I actually got some sleep last night and this morning. I did have a 2 hour interval from 3 to 5 that I thought I was hosed but I got back to sleep. And during that extra morning rest I experience a special event. There is that most beautiful moment right between sleep and waking. That moment when you are just awake enough to know that you are asleep, not fully awake, but you are aware. You are in such a relaxed that you have answered all of questions of life and even the origins of the universe are at the edge of your conscience and it is all so simple. You are so close to being able to grasp it that all you have to do is to be just a bit more awake and you can answer everything…..then as you try to wake just enough to really understand, you rouse and see it all slip away from you. We are so much more than we know we are. If we can answer those questions in our sleep we are just moments from answering them in our waking time. Every night holds the possibility of answers in the morning.

The more we try to understand the farther away understanding is.

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