Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday May 6th.

Jeez, my day was spent taking away as many years off of my printer as humanly possible. I got 80% of all of my printing done today. I have hundreds of ounces of wire arriving and my tool and supply orders will start getting into Tucson over the next several days. I am in FULL OUT PRODUCTION MODE! Look out! I’m getting it done!

I have been corresponding with Jean Yeats for the last 10 days or so; she has several projects that she is working on and has had some need of jump rings and tools. We have had long talks and traded many emails. Tonight I got the coolest thing from her.

I got 3 sounds from her today.
I got
A Mad Bird
Angry Birds
And Tree Frogs.
Each made me laugh louder than the prior one. It made my day!!!

I believe that how we deal with our friends and loved ones during a time of distress or loss is the truest test of our humanity.

I went to an open house a few weeks ago for a realtor friend of mine and I met a local Tucson artist. We struck up a conversation and in the course of talking figured out that we both had the same job in the same art store in NYC in the late 80’s. She took over my job after I left. We really had a fantastic hour-long conversation of all of our old haunts and I had to tell her of the sad news that St. Marks Pizza is no longer there.

She lost her father a few days ago after an illness and my heart goes out to her and her family. I do not know really know her and we have only traded emails and had that one conversation. She has to go to the funeral and has requested assistance for her property during her travels. I emailed my offer of assistance knowing full well that I am a complete stranger.

So, as I said, how we deal with our loss and the losses of others is the truest test of our humanity. I lost my father 2 years ago and I feel her loss keenly. My friends were right there for me that night. My friend Anne from San Francisco stayed up on the phone with me for hours just talking and listening and my friends Ruth and Lise were calling every 30 minutes to make sure that I had everything I needed. I never felt more alone than that night in Pacific Grove. I walked along the ocean till the sun rose so I would not have to wake up the reality of what I had lost. No one should ever be that alone and if I have a chance to offer my support, there it will be.

Our most intimate relationships are the ones that we rely on and the ones that give us solace. If any of those relationships let us down in any manner those are the one that need to be evaluated and put in a place where they can not longer hurt you! How we deal with our fellow human beings in times of great distress and pain is the truest test of humanity.

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