Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday May 22nd.

I cannot remember where I read this last night but I found an interesting piece of advice.

~Never play leapfrog with a Unicorn!~

There are a great many times in our lives that we take chances and we just pray that they are the correct ones. As we all know, taking chances and living to the fullest has its glories and its pitfalls. The glories are all the more wondrous when that gamble pays off and the pitfalls are all the more dangerous when they do not. I guess I have always lived by the notion that the glories most definitely out weight the pitfalls.

I am sure some have deemed my process as a bit reckless. Looking at it now, I would say that I have lived my life to date as if it were the acts of a play, a really good Greek Play. Now, I do not expect the “deus ex machina” (or God Machine) to come swooping in from the heavens at the end to make it all right. I do however expect a satisfactory denouement or a “final resolution” in my life. I want to feel as if I have lived the life of a good and fair person that has done as little damage as possible to those I know, have known, loved or still do love. We are never sure of which act our lives are in, I have always tried to live mine as if I were in the last act so I would not leave an incomplete life.

~That philosophy was a gift from the first mentor in my life and I will always be grateful for his unfailing guidance~

My choices have made me who I am and has on many occasions reaffirmed my own beliefs. I do think that youth has played a great part of some of the more interesting leapfrog games that I have participated in, but still, there are only a few of those gambles that I would change, even now. I refuse to live with regrets, they are like millstones, and they drag you down to the depths and suffocate you. I do reflect on my choices and try to learn from each experience. Each day is the most precious thing. I desire to treasure it. I want to wake up and greeting each morning with a smile on my face and am determined to do so.

I will continue to play leapfrog with Unicorns, it may be a bit risky but it is those kinds of chances that have given me the most amazing experiences of my life, full of the glorious and all the while trying like crazy to foresee the pitfalls if possible.

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