Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday April 2nd.

Well I am getting into the groove for a house of students this weekend. We are gonna have a great time. 4 days of chain making, metalworking and gemstone pressure settings. I have been waiting for this class since I posted it in January.

So, I have a session of Metalworking coming up on May 16th -19th that will include PMC bases for our settings. You all need to get on down here and have some real fun. May will be a perfect time, the weather will be gorgeous, because one of those evenings will be spent here while we grill out, swim and enjoy the Tucson night.

I am also getting ready for next weekends trip to Miami, FL for the BeadFest. I have not been to Miami for a number of years. The last time I was there I was lighting the Mazda booth at the Greater Miami Auto Show. While I was in the convention center making a car look pretty a hurricane glanced off of the coast and blew the beach front door to my room off of the door frame, shoved the AC unit 8 feet into the room and destroyed a 8’x10’ plate glass window. I am hoping for a better visit this time around. So the extended forecast does look promising!

Then just a few weeks after that you can all come and see me at BeadExpo Phoenix the beginning of May. Then it’s time for Bead and Button. God! Then half of the year is over!

Speaking of Bead & Button I have seats left in a most excellent class. I am offering 2 sessions of 3 chains in 3 hours. I teach it on Wednesday and on Sunday. Now I am rather fascinated by the fact that this class is almost full at the Pudget Sound Bead Festival and I am having a hard time filling it in Milwaukee. I also added an extra session of the Viking Knit Woven Chain Class. Check your schedule and come see me in Milwaukee!

Where has this year gone? It has been a crazy year that I would love a re-do on. What a f-ing year so far!

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