Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday April 19th.

Ok, for the last 8 years our President has refused to acknowledge the issues of Global Warming. Even with Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" so honestly explaining things to the masses, Bush refused to acknowledge the problem. Now that he finally has, with-in 36 hours of that blessed event, the website We Can Solve It has come out with a series of ads that mimic the unified front that Bush Senior and Clinton put on the face of the Katrina Crisis.

Now we have the Reverend Al Sharpton sitting on a couch next to Pat Robertson and Nancy Pelosi sitting next to Newt Gingrich telling us to cooperate for the greater good. I am saddened that we have had to wait for our world to come so close to the brink before action would be taken. Does anyone else see these commercials as opportunistic? I cannot decide if I am offended or not! I am glad that our policy is changing but I am so sad to see that it took so long.

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