Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday April 21st.

I opened my eyes this morning and laughed out loud. I cannot recall the last time that happened.

I woke to my fuzzy cat Niki standing on my chest, her big green eyes about 3 inches from my nose, blinking at me and Alex sitting next to me, tapping my arm and shoulder with her paw and mewing softly. My first blurry thought was that these two have actually figured out how to access my computer and watched the video that I posted yesterday, now how did they do that?

What a wonderful way to wake up, two beautiful kittens giving me their full attention, (actually they just wanted food, but let me dream!) warm sunshine on my blankets and the sound of laughter resounding in my room. I have had my girls for a good portion of my life and I love them deeply. It was an awesome way to greet the day.

The rest of the day is being spent getting those articles sent in and continuing my preparations for my next set of shows. Getting more and more done every day! It is so beautiful here today. I took the lead from McKinnon and got a bird feeder so I can get a better view of them all. Then I got a brilliant idea and took the dish from an old planter and turned it into a small birdbath. It has been such a kick to see them splashing around and preening. God what fun this has been.

As for the following video, all I can say is that I could not help myself.
I guess I could also say I am sorry?

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