Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday April 28th.

So, If you missed my posting of the " An Engineer's Guide to Cats" from April 19 you can see it on Kate McKinnons Journal today. Watch it, great stuff!

OK already! So the bunny has 2 pancakes on his head. I have been officially reprimanded.

The days are getting warmer and warmer. It will be over 95ยบ here today and I could not be more pleased. There is something so beautiful about the entrance of summer. The nights are spent under a sheet instead of a down comforter; I have the soft whir of a fan blowing instead of the heater. Mornings actually begin around 5:30am with the dawning sky and the birds songs. (they are squabbling over food actually) I am really fond of the transformation that happens as each season turns.

There really are seasons here in the desert, believe it or not. Right now the talk is starting up for this years monsoon season. It starts anytime after July 4 and goes to or through September. My first year here the monsoon started 15 minutes after the fireworks finished, it was very amazing and very wet. So when they say it starts around July 4 they really mean it.

Who has seen the news about the fact that we in the US are starting to ration rice. Costco and Sam’s Club are limiting the number of large bags of rice a person can purchase. These limits are being imposed as U.S. rice futures hit record highs due to worldwide food inflation. This has the possibility of really hurting small restaurants who shop in these warehouse stores. Has anyone ever dreamed of the day that food would be rationed in the U.S.? Not since the days of the depression and WWII has there been food rationing that I can find any information on. If I am wrong let me know! Just think of how bad it really has to be if we are actually seeing our bulk stores implementing these kinds of restrictions. In New York’s Chinatown the cost of a 25lb bag of Jasmine rice has up to $20 from $15 in a matter of 60 days. This is a scary stuff folks; I can say that I have noticed the costs going up, but for a world that depends on this food as a staple this has to be terrifying.

I was introduced to the Weepies this weekend. This is wonderful. ~Enjoy~

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