Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday April 8th.

Gail Moore kindly let me know of my inability to date my own posts. Did you know that Saturday and Sunday were both the 5th of April. ONE LONG DAY! Thanks Gail.

I realize that I fell off the face of the earth on Monday. I have to say that I was crazy beat at the end of the day. The last day of class was really fun. It was as productive as it was relaxed. Since this was the first time that I have taught this in this format I asked the gals if they thought it should stay as a 4 day class. The answer was a resounding "YES!" So, the class stays as 4 days. They thought that since it is a project driven class where you really walk away with a "finished" piece it was important to keep that 4th day. I was thinking that 3 may be the way to go, but 4 does seem to be the appropriate count.

The craziest part of the day was spent in a power outage. We lost power around 1:30 and did not get it back till after class was finished. Fusing by ambient illumination. Funny!

Kyra's piece turned out so excellent. She did such a wonderful job of fine tuning her fusing skills and adding those extra touches to make the piece. We ran out of time on her patina. She had to leave really early to catch a flight back to California.

Marti made a piece that was very detailed, she grabbed a stone that had a mat finish and really made a unique setting for it. The inclusion of copper and a load of riveting really set off the finished piece.

Take a close look at the side view and see how the rivet copper piece on the back raises the stone off if the back.

She was a riveting fool.

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