Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning

What a long day. I am beat and have been unwinding by watching some baseball. The saving grace of this day was that I discovered that I got my hotel Internet connection in the convention center. I got to watch baseball during the show. Praise be! But for some crazy reason the Tigers vs the Sox game was blacked out on MLB TV. I have a feeling that it was on a National Broadcast. Well I got to watch the Mets and the Reds and The D-Backs. It was a ball filled day.

Oh, Yea! I also sold kits and books from 10am till 6pm.

I have met a number of really nice folks here. The gal next to my booth is a seed bead artist named Jill Wiseman and a delightful artist and instructor named Charlene Abrams. Both of these people have made the trip worthwhile. And then there is the GREAT CREW from Jane’s Fiber and Beads! YOU GALS ROCK!

After all of that I had a brainstorm that I needed to find some old classic cartoon on line and I remembered one of my favorites!

Remember this?

Paradise By the Dahsboard Light is now selling AT&T GoPhones.
Now this commercial is the best one I have seen in ages!
Meatloaf & Tiffany - God this is great stuff!
What brilliant campaign executive came up with this?


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