Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday April 29th

Now, when the waters are pressing mightily
on the walls of the damns,
now, when the white storks, returning,
are transformed in the middle of the firmament
into fleets of jet planes,
we will feel again how strong are the ribs
and how vigorous is the warm air in the lungs
and how much daring is needed to love on the exposed plain,
when the great dangers are arched above,
and how much love is required
to fill all the empty vessels
and the watches that stopped telling time,
and how much breath,
a whirlwind of breath,
to sing the small song of spring.

-Yehuda Amichai
So one of my best friends and I have been going down music memory lane. This all started when I got a silly 90’s dance mix CD from Target. Both of us being children of the First Generation of MTV viewers we started swapping our favorite videos. Jeez! was this stuff great, I found one of my all time favorites. Everyone needs a little “Soft Cell”. Take a look at this one and remember the early 80’s and all of the crazed fun you had.

Now, I graduated from college with a really good GPA, but I do not remember doing homework. I know I had to have done homework at some point; I was in honors classics classes and carried a full theatre load for 4 years. But I do not remember doing homework. I do remember going out on most Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights when we were not in production mode at the Theatre. I vividly remember dancing till morning and going to Denny’s for breakfast. If it was a Wednesday, we would stay up all night and make sure we were at our 8am classes on time and if we were lucky we would have time to change cloths and take a showers. If I tried to live like that now I would last about 2 weeks before I fell over from exhaustion. Ah, the energy of youth, it is wasted on the young.

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