Saturday, April 5, 2008

Later on the 5th of April

Here are several of the images that I promised you!

Here is Mt Shasta on the way North to Portland!

Here is Mt Shasta 5 days later on the way South. Different? Um YES!

I have 4 students that took all 3 days of the Low Tech class in Portland. Only Kiffi's picture came out. She made a beautiful chain and made some wonderful components! Everyone did so great!

Kyra's in progeress pendant and chain that will be assembled in class tomorrow. It has been an excellent 2 days.

Here is a completed PMC setting for a wonderful rutilated Quartz. The rivets are "U" shaped pressure settings I have to texture the chain and re-patina the entire piece. I am making some really awsome PMC settings for my semi-precious stones that I have been gathering!

Keep a look out for more images! I am having fun!

I have started Sun Tsu's "The Art of War" Interesting reading!
Any thoughts on the subject?

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