Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday April 1st.

It is April Fools Day, but no foolin', I drove for 20 hours yesterday. I started in Portland at 6am and I arrived at my front door in Tucson at 2am. I just had a plan to drive till I got tired. I kind of had it in the back of my mind that I may be able to drive the entire distance but that was not the plan at the start. Just as I got closer I just really wanted to wake up and not have to get back in a car. So I drove 1450 miles in 20 hours and I am home. HA! My kitties were so very pleased to see me Niki could not get close enough to me and even Alex slept near.

The weather was perfect yesterday, not like my trip north. The view of Mt. Shasta was beautiful. I'll post the photo I shot later. I also got to see my favorite thing this time around. Under the overpasses, along the I-5, all around Bakersfield are where the swallows build their mud nests. The overpasses are just crammed full of the nests with the birds flying in and out and if you get a good look there are times when you think that you get a view of a youngster. I would love a picture of this, I have never been able to find one and I just can't pull off the highway to take a picture.

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