Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday April 6th.

I had the most wonderful surprise this evening! I got a call from my brother-in-law and he and my youngest nephew were in town for the evening visiting his parents. We were not sure if we were going to get the chance to see each other.

My nephew is 12 and not only is he cool he is smooth. Do you all realize how rare it is to be 12 and smooth? I was not smooth at 12. I am not sure that I could be considered smooth now! I have moments of smooth, but this dude ROCKS! He is a blues guitar playing man that loves Led Zeppelin and every great guitar player.

~Can you tell that I am a proud Aunt?~
God it was so wonderful to see him. I have 2 nephews and a niece. Each one is a truly excellent person. I am honored to be their aunt.

Today was another really wonderful day of accomplishments in class. The pieces are BEAUTIFUL! I took pictures earlier but I did not do a good job and I am too tired to do them over. I will post finished pieces tomorrow. Sorry!

I have a desktop full of widgets on my MacBook and one of my favorites is Zoltar. You remember Zoltar, the fortune telling carnival game that made Tom Hanks BIG! My fortune for the day!
“Your everlasting patience will be rewarded sooner or later.”
I will take SOONER please! Thanks

P.S. You can have your own Zoltar for 9k. I’ll take 2!

P.P.S. Today was National Tartan Day in the United States.
For anyone who cares I do love Sean Connery every so much!
And he look great in a Kilt!

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