Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday April 18th/

I want to thank everyone for all of the positive comments that I have received over the past weeks for this undertaking. A new visitor sent me this at the end of her email the other day.

P.S. Love your web site. I think you have one of the best journal/blogs I've seen!

Thank you! It means a great deal to have these kinds of positive responses to a new endeavor. This email was just one of many, but since this is the one that I could find this is the one that gets posted.

Jeez! Today was trying. I realize that the moon is getting close to full and that everyone gets a bit off during this time. The back yard was so close to that bright moonlight wash that I experienced not to long ago.

This is what my day felt like today. Sisyphus rolling a rock up the hill. I found this image after looking for the perfect Greek portrayal of this piece of mythology. I thought that this was funnier and slightly more accessible.

Today was a day of tasks and errands. I got a great deal done but it was tiring. I still have to get my fine and sterling silver order tuned up so I can place my order soon. As I always say, “buy low, sell high.” This is the hardest part of getting ready for a big show, the cost of getting this much product is scary. The market has wreaked havoc on teachers, those of us that use sterling and fine silver and have had to price kits almost a year in advance are praying for a lower market that’s for sure. In 2003 the silver market was based on a $5.00 market.

So, What did I do today? I re-potted half a dozen plants that have needed it for a very long time. I ordered a very inexpensive faucet for my outdoor tub. The water line was run over a year ago and I have been looking for an inexpensive faucet to hook it all up. I found a $28.00 faucet, which is a really good find. Before this I was looking at spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $100.00, not something that I can afford right now. I am SO looking forward to having an outdoor bath in the heat of a summer night!

I have a great deal on my list for this weekend. The list is as long as my arm. I am rather disappointed in my lack of real accomplishments today, but I still have a few hours to make a valiant effort towards something meaningful. Wish me luck.

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