Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday April 10th.

I am off to Miami, the sunshine state! One of my mothers favorite stories about me is the time when were were driving down to Florida for the family vacation. Just after the border at the welcome station, you would pull over and the state of Florida would give you a free glass of "Pure Florida Orange Juice" to welcome you. At the tender age of 4 or 5 I proudly walked up the the OJ stand and asked for Tang! I hope that I don't do anything similar anytime soon.

A monstrous amount of work was accomplished yesterday. I am packed and ready to head out to Miami today. I have not been to Miami for ages and am hopeful that the show is a good one. Such an interesting time we are now in. It is always a journey to keep coming up with new ideas to keep everyone’s interests peaked. All of us just keep an eye on the horizon and aim for that.

Yet, there is hope in the air, even if it is only a distant glimmer at the moment. I remember the same feeling the first time I heard Gavin Newsom speak at a mayoral debate in San Francisco. He was the first man that I had heard or seen, in my adult life, that could speak eloquently off the cuff with intelligence, honesty and sincerity. His words and manner brought the phrase Kennedy-esque to the minds of many. His ideals brought hope to a city that had lived through “Slick” Willie Brown and his escapades. The citizens of SF dared to dream of a new beginning. The same words are being said about Barack Obama. There are rumblings that if he is the candidate he could sway entire states from their long held Republican affiliations due to the additions of young and African-American voters. It is my fervent prayer that we listen to a voice, one that is raised in compassion and appears to embrace a vision for peace.

There are still just over 30% of people in this country that believe that we are on the right track and that our Commander-in-Chief is doing a great job. It would be helpful if those individuals would answer the “CLUE PHONE” it is ringing VERY LOUDLY!

Gas along our highways is inching close and at times is over $4.00 a gallon. Only a few short years ago it made us all gasp when it went over $2.00. People are dying and suffering as never before, 160 square mile chunk of ice, a large part of the 5,000-square-mile Wilkins Ice Shelf is set to break away from Antarctica and the Polar Bear population has lost close a quarter of is body weight due to the depletion of it’s food supplies. People are loosing their homes and in frustration are trashing them as they are forced to leave.

Help us make it change. It is time, don’t you think?

My taro last evening was interesting!

The Ten of Cups suggests a time of success and contentment, with friendships and relationships on a peaceful footing at last. You may feel, though, that something is missing, or that you have had too much of a good thing. The dangers of dissipation, stagnation and waste are there, so consider your actions or inaction. A wish could come true now, so be careful what you wish for.

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