Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday July 30th.

Pudge off to the Yankee's I Am In Stunned Disbelief!

It is the trading time after the MLB All-Star break. Now and the most devastating news came in, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez is now a Yankee. He may play for them as soon as Thursday night. He had a no trade clause in his contract and actually opted to go to the Yanks. There must be some real issues for him and the Detroit management for that to happen. He went to play for Detroit when NO ONE would go play for the Tigers. This is a HUGE blow.

So, my outdoor project should be done tomorrow. I am pleased and am ready for it all to be done! I’ll have pic’s of the finished project when Monty is all finished up! Then it is the HUGE task of cleaning up the mess that is my yard. Yeesh! The rains have caused havoc and it is gonna take some doing to get it back under control. As much as I love the desert, I have never had to remove grass, I have always tried to cultivate the stuff and make it grow now I am trying to kill it all off.

I finished up all of my B&B submissions last night and also got all of the pictures taken today. That was a really big undertaking. Off to the post office tomorrow and into the waiting hands of judges of the B&B staff. Nothing like waiting for the last minute to get it all done. The post mark has to be July 31st. Hey Marlene....At least I am on time for the second year in a row!!!! I swore to her that after my submissions from 2 years ago, I would never be a problem again. I hope I have lived up to my promise.

Why do so many individuals find it necessary to be so damn two faced!
I really mean it.
I am so sick and tired of the “It’s so nice to see you, oh pardon me, is that my knife in your back?” attitude that is so prevalent in life today. There are so few people that are actually honest and forthright. What is it that they actually fear? There are times when I am so depressed by people in general, I mean the person that feigns consideration and then just loads up all of the self-righteous indignation! What a load of crap!

There are things that have happened in my life that have reinforced my faith in human nature and there are things that have happened that have taken a toll on that faith. The most amazing thing is that it has been the stranger that has continually surprised me for the good and the “friend” that has been source of the disappointments.

Can someone explain this to me? I really mean it; this is a huge issue for me right now! Why are people that are supposed to be considerate the ones that turn out be so two-faced. What is up with the ones that seem to have no qualms with saying one thing and their actions portray another reality all together. I mean really…if statements made cannot be remembered correctly, I recommend keeping copious notes so you don’t look like an idiot when you get caught saying the total opposite.

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