Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday July 1st The Evening Edition

My post from earlier today has been amended a bit. It seemed that in my haste to type I was not very clear in my thoughts and caused a bit of confusion.

I have had an interesting couple of days and months recently. A great many people for my distant past have contacted me. I am talking from as far back as High School and even College. These are people that I did not have much in common with back then and it is even more pronounced now. The high school-ers are searching for the people that missed the 25-year class reunion. I have people that I barely spoke with 25 years ago now wanting all of the intimate details of my life for those past 25 years. These are people that I have not thought about since I graduated and in some amazing transformation there was a deep and meaningful friendship that I was not aware of. Ummmmmmm. No!

I find it a really rather interesting situation, standing on the edge and observing. There has been much reflection over these past months and much of it has come from as far back as this.

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