Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday July 19th

Again my wish is granted for an evening monsoon to arrive. I missed an entire weeks worth of rain while I was away and this evening I was granted a beautiful rain that made the world smell new again. The sound of the rain on the street, pouring down on the sidewalks and beating the adobe bricks of my back courtyard it a sound that has no equal.
The crack of the thunder vibrates the house and the flash of the lightening illuminates the night sky.
It is so beautiful.

I had a productive day that included cleaning and writing and working, prepping kits for Philly, cutting wire and figuring out which tools would need to be sent along. I am traveling to my mother’s house for her birthday on the 17th of August and then driving to Philly from Dayton. That means I can prep all of tools and make sure that there are no problems before I show up to teach. I have really come to rely on the fact that I get my orders in early so I can make sure that I do not screw it up. I cannot abide having to prep kits on site. If I make an error there, I have no chance to fix it. I love opening up a bag and having ALL of the kits, cut, sorted, assembled, and labeled. I am that much of a GEEK!

Othello Production Shot! It looks so excellent!!!

I leave tomorrow evening for 3 days of theatre at the Utah Shakespeare Festival. We are attending 4 shows in 3 days and are anticipating a wonderful time with great entertainments. Can you believe it? I am taking 4 days away from working here! I will be working a few hours a day there but I am taking a great portion of the time to enjoy wonderful company and good thearte.

The best news that I have had this week is that Cris, Gail and Stacey are to come to play for 4 whole days in August. Cris and Gail are at the PMC conference and say that the new Bronze PMC is awesome. I am pleased to say that I get to play with some very soon. Gail has first dibs on the outdoor tub and I am sure that we shall have a laughter filled few days. It will be so nice to have a collaborative and inventive group around to share ideas and work on some projects together, share good food and good drink and just generally enjoy each others company as we do so well. I could not be happier that these 3 are coming to stay. I have missed them a great deal since our days together at B&B in June.

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