Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday July 6th

Another beautiful day with loads more done! I am ready for yet another road trip. All I have left to do is pack clothes, pick up the mini-van in the morning and load up all of the office boxes and I will hit the road. I actually have a kind of schedule that I need to follow this time around. I need to get into Tacoma on Wednesday at 11am to pick up Meesh at the train station and then go get Gail at the airport.

Once again, I look forward to the simple task of setting out on a course and keeping my eyes on a goal that is attainable.

I crave another storm right now! I want to hear the clap of thunder and the flash of lightening that can fill the sky and illuminate you to the depth of your soul and the cool of the rain on my skin. With each rain I stand outside and let the water drench me. It is such a wonderful feeling to have the water running down your arms and down your back, cooling you off.

Today I watched the tennis match to end all tennis matches. Federer vs. Nedal will go down as an instant classic. The match lasted 5 sets, almost 5 hours of play, 2 rain delays the threat of darkness and Nedal ended the 5 year reign of champion Federer. It was an epic match with few errors and both men playing the best tennis of their careers. They each brought out the best in the other. The crusty John McEnroe even said it was the most amazing match that he had ever had the privilege of watching. After that I got to watch a good part of “The Big Unit” Randy Johnson’s long over due win for the D-Backs. Got to do all of that while cleaning, finishing packing and generally getting things ready to go!

Loss is a fascinating state of being and the one who survivors that loss has to learn to breathe deeply and with joy all over again. Follow the light that shines before you, climb the steps and know that all journeys have a completion.

I have recently come to understand that it is the small things. It is the small memories that creep in along the edges of your consciousness. Those small and simple memories are the ones that catch you off guard, unaware and leave you in stunned silence.

The last glance
The last smile
The last phone call
The last shared dinner
The last time the words “I love you” were spoken
The last close embrace
The last of many promises
The last of the unfulfilled plans

Loss comes in many forms. Acknowledge, honor and mourn the loss it deserves the nod of passing.
These memories leave you seeing everything with perfect clarity, as if you were standing in the blazing sun with no respite and your sunglasses are locked in the cars glove compartment.

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