Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday July 2nd

I got one of my smaller, but oh so excellent, projects done today. I hooked up my outdoor 5'-6" claw foot tub today. I put the claw feet on the tub, got all of the pressure connections for the copper tubes, put that really excellent faucet find on, put in a new drain so I can water my plants with the grey water, and the most brilliant part was figuring out how to plug up the over spill drain. A plastic 2” computer plug with a sealer of Silicone was the perfect fit. I can fill the tub all the way to the tippy-tippy top if I so desire and I have a F-ING outdoor tub.

My handy plumbing job - the nifty Faucet and Computer plug.

So, as the sun goes down this evening I am gonna take a glass of wine and soak in my new extravagant addition! (It was not so extravagant really, the tub was a trade in for the old fencing and the faucet was a really good deal and I did all of the connections today myself. I spent $40.00 today for all of the parts that I needed today.) This has been a longtime coming. I am pleased that it is completed!

I am working away this evening and getting ready for the D-Backs game to start in about 30 minutes. I have been enjoying Wimbledon for the past 9 days. Since I get up with the sun I am actually watching it on ESPN at 4am.

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