Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday July 5th

It was hot, it was sunny, and there was a beautiful monsoon that graced the city about an hour before a seriously excellent fireworks display. The burgers were grilled to PERFECTION (if I do say so myself) along with grilled corn on the cob and some very sweet watermelon.

I got even more small little tasks finished and had a truly enjoyable day. The men’s Wimbledon semi-finals were good but not amazing in any respect. The women’s final that I am watching now has been a very, very good match so far.

Hey, my little bird is still hanging in there. The parents raise a huge ruckus whenever anyone comes near that it give the little one time to get under some of the low lying cactus. I am cautiously, very cautiously, optimistic.

Hey, one more thing! I just don’t have 2 bats this summer I have 3. I was in the pool at dusk the night before last and I was so pleased to have 3 bats dive bombing the pool for drinks of water and bugs. I ended up just sitting on one of the steps of the pool and watching how graceful and accurate they are. I found myself smiling and being so thankful that they had returned.

There is a wonderful thing here in Tucson, no matter where you live you are never very far away form the wilds. One of my first weeks here I saw a roadrunner cross a major intersection as I was leaving the grocery store. There are neighborhoods that have coyote’s that come to visit so you have to make sure that the family pets are indoors at night. The closest I have ever come to this was seeing skunks and raccoons that attempt to get into your garbage. Now when I go out for hikes or walks there is the real possibility of rattle snakes and you have to be very aware of each step.

Well this afternoon will be the final packing up of all of the classroom kits and my bench. I really cannot believe that I am leaving on Monday for another show. I am looking forward to the drive, there is still a great deal that I am pondering and considering. Emotions are a strange and fickle thing. I am constantly amazed at how they can range from peaceful introspection to the opposite end of that spectrum in a matter mere moments. It can be so overwhelming, draining and is absolutely exhausting. I long for that peaceful place that still eludes my grasp. I feel that I come close but cannot just take that final step to full and quiet acquiescence.

I found this on Stacey’s site the other
day and it made me laugh out loud!

Thanks for the good chortle lass!

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