Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday July 11th PM Edition

I really slept in today, praise be!!!! I was out like a light by 9:30, I woke up at 4am for about 30 minutes and went back to sleep till 8:30am. I got almost 10 hours of sleep. My body needed the rest so much. It is now just after 11 and I have had another long day but a really good day!!!

Gail, Meesh and I went to the farmers market that happens each Thursday just 2 blocks away from the hotel. We got beautiful flowers for the room and fresh fruits and breads to snack on and had a lovely morning till we had to do load in at noon.

As always, set up was a cluster but all in all went really well.

Meet the teacher’s was fun and it was nice to see so many familiar faces. I had to leave early to go set up for class so I missed out on all of the door prizes.

I taught Woven Chain/Viking Knit tonight and class was a blast. We laughed and joked and generally a great deal of hilarity was experienced by all.

It was a really nice day! Looking forward to tomorrow.

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