Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday July 26th - PM Edition

Siegfried Sassoon

You were glad to-night: and now you’ve gone away.
Flushed in the dark, you put your dreams to bed;
But as you fall asleep I hear you say
Those tired sweet drowsy words we left unsaid.

Sleep well: for I can follow you, to bless
And lull your distant beauty where you roam;
And with wild songs of hoarded loveliness
Recall you to these arms that were your home.

I love Manhole covers! I found a treasure trove of artistic Japanese cover!

Aren't they amazing?

Well the day was the day!
Loads done and yet, more to be done and the list grows shorter!

I finished up the rest of the kits done for Bead Fest Philly.
It is nice to have the classes full early and not have to guess about how much to bring and take the risk while spending large quantities of your earnings on the chance that the class will fill.

I processed a full kiln load tonight. I cannot wait to see the outcome!

I got to stand out in a soft warm rain this evening and watch the sun set to the west and the storm came in from the south and east. There is something in this ritual of mine that causes me to become very contemplative. So, while I continued to work a portion of my brain raced with everything!

What are you supposed to do after months of contemplation and reflection of your reality and yet still have many questions that have no answers? I realize that part of the process is to acknowledge and identify the questions.

My logical answer; It is part of life that there are some questions that will never be answered and learning to accept that is your lesson in this lifetime.
What do I think of that answer? I think it is a really crappy reality and one that is very unfair. I think we all deserve the real answers to our questions.

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