Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday July 13th.

Well it is Sunday, I can not believe that this show is over in 1 hour. God this week has flown! It has been a very busy few days. The task of exhibiting for an entire day and then teaching a 3-hour class at night has been tiring. I have had a great deal of fun seeing everyone but have not had the usual evenings of dinners out with everyone. I do miss those dinners but with the way things are these days, every dollar earned is cherished. I am tired and the soreness is lessening as each day passes. I will need to really rest my right wrist for a few days. As I was teaching my first two classes the muscles in my hand and wrist were twitching terribly. Those symptoms have lessened a great deal over the last 24 hours and I am very grateful for that.

I have to say that I never really recovered from the drive up, even with the extra Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. I am tired, but looking forward to getting back home!!!!! I have seen that Tucson has gotten so much rain this week. I got several text images of the rivers and the washes full and running hard. I look forward to seeing the change in the desert and mountains as the earth drinks its fill and all of the foliage starts to bloom again.

I long to curl up with my girls and wake again in my room and take a swim. I have a lot of tasks to accomplish in the next several weeks before I have to be In Philadelphia for the next round of classes. I am really looking forward to that show this year. As well as teaching 3 one day sessions of Fine Silver, I will have all of my kits and books out in a booth with Susan Nestor’s excellent work.

I am looking forward to having dinner with Gail and Meesh this evening to celebrate Gail’s birthday. We are going to a restaurant that we went to last year and had a wonderful meal. As always, we must have oysters!!!!! Happy B-day Miss Gail!!!!!!

Here is the most excellent “Do Not Disturb” sign at our hotel! Some one has a really good sense of humor!

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