Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday December 17th

As I type this entry, my computer alerted me to an approaching winter storm and believe it or not it is here. The wind is picking up and the rain has started to fall and the temperature is dropping.

I went out for a celebration dinner last night. A friend of mine has done a great job getting really good grades and I thought that she deserved a good dinner to feed her brain for the rest of her tests. On the way back to our homes we took a side trip to the Tucson institution of Bookmans, a used bookstore that is the size of the Super Dome. (Not Really)

I recently decided that I wanted to re-read Ovid’s "Metamorphoses". Now being the total GEEK that I am I wanted to find the Loeb’s Classical Library Editions only because I love the size of the books and that they have the Greek translations right next to English. It is that perfect handy size that travels well, either for a walk or on a flight. But I had to settle for the Penguin paperwork version. Someday I will treat myself to the 2 volume set from Amazon.

But the true discovery of the evening was a book of Poetry, it’s title…
“ The Albatross Book of Living Poetry”
This is a blue died leather bound book of poetry ranging from the 13th to 20th centuries but the best part was that the person that read this book filled it with newspaper clippings and quotes that captured their imagination. All of the clippings were from the early 50’s. And the best part is that the book is that perfect size that I love to hold.

Here is the one that fell out as I flipped through the pages.

Sheltered By Your Light

~I knew love as the wind.

Versatile, undisciplined,
~Like a flute, liquid note

From a bird’s untutored throat.

~Then you came, and suddenly

A new world awoke in me.
~Love became the bred we broke
Together and the words you spoke

~And the everlasting grace

Of knowing you in time and space

~Sun-borne, windward, day or night,

My life sheltered by your light.

Hannah Kahn

I slipped the clipping right back in its proper place and placed the $4.50 treasure into my small pile of books that I just HAD TO HAVE. What a most excellent treat for the end of my day. I look forward to discovering every hidden clipping that is tucked in its pages.

I had a very productive workday, I got several new pieces done and in the works and am thrilled with the way that they are turning out. I’ll post images as soon as I have a nice handful to share.

As I read all of my required news sites I got very distracted by some very excellent images that I thought I would share.

Each of these images made me smile today, I hope that you enjoy them.

I am off to read some 13th century poetry and listen as the storm arrives.

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