Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday December 16th

Happy Birthday Beethoven…On the same track as yesterday, I am looking for beauty every day and the realisation of this occasion has had me listening to several of the Beethoven recordings that I have in my collection. I guess that my favorite would be his 6th Symphony. I could not find a recording of it that I am able to share with you so please enjoy his Moonlight Sonata.

I had a great play-date with my new rolling mill today. I have opened up an entire new list of objectives for a few projects that I am working on over the next few weeks. I am really looking forward to working out several of the details that I see forming in my mind. I have had a very productive year for technique and innovating ways of making my designs more fun for me to make. I love the process of “figuring” out problems and fine-tuning the nuances of the process. Now I get to add this most excellent new gadget into the mix. I am excited…I just have no idea why it has taken me this many years to add this tool to my arsenal.

This just made me laugh out loud the other day and I have been looking forward to sharing it with all of you!

I accomplished a good deal today but not much of it was on my list. I hate that when that happens. Really, I had a morning of catching up with people that I have not had spoken to in a very long time. That was good but it put my schedule way off of the “plan” you all know what it means to have a plan and to see it go to hell in a basket. Well, these things happen and we must just take it all in stride.

I actually had to TRACK Ms. Jill Wiseman down this morning and that one actually worked out for me. But one of the several subsequent conversations I had today were rather informative and insightful.

But, a friend of mine from SF had some interesting insight and what was passed on to me just reinforced my own deductions more than I could have ever thought possible and to boot I got to see the effects of those insights first hand.

It is amazing the efforts that some will go to in order to hide aspects of their personalities from the light of day…It can only go on for so long because sooner or later the layers of the onion will fall away and what is left is the ugly truth of the matter. I despise the cowardly and vile person who refuses to accept the mess that they have made of their lives and try their best to drag the innocent down along the path of self-loathing and self-destruction. In the long run these individuals will have nothing left but the isolation that their cowardice deserves.

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