Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday December 30th

"Cogito, ergo sum" I think therefore I am.
René Descartes

So ergo; therefore I dream.
There are things in this world that are worthy of our dreams and are worthy of our desires.

I believe that there are things that occur that are just meant to occur. I believe that there are people that we are meant to meet and to include into our lives. And some of those people are meant to have a very important role in the path that our lives are to follow. Even though there are so many choices that we are faced with everyday, but even with those choices I think that there are just some things that are meant to happen and some people that are meant to know.

Stand in one place; look at the roads that have been trod upon in our lives. Each intersection is a choice, if there had been any deviation of the path chosen, had we taken a left turn instead of a right, we would not be at the place that we are now. In considering the path of our lives imagine what it has taken to meet even the most recent addition to the inner circle of people that you now know. Who was it that introduced you to this new individual and how did that person come into your life. If you take time to lie out the path of your travels in this life it is amazing to comprehend.

Just think of the random lunch you had years ago with a friend who introduced you to an acquaintance who became a friend and they later introduced you to your future partner. Think about the path of your life that led you to that first friend that you were having lunch with? That path will be just as amazing as the jumping off point of the lunch that led to you meeting your future partner and how an acquaintance can change everything.

These are the patterns of my life that I consider and ponder as the most amazing parts of our lives. It is a fantastic thought that all of our choices lead to interactions that have a direct impact on the lefts and rights that will be before us. These paths ultimately lead to our dreams and our desires, never blindly choose a direction. Do not go forth without a thought of what brought you to this choice.

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