Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday December 18th

I am having a REAL hard time not resorting back to my political ranting today. No matter my desire to find the good and honorable in each day. Today, I have been bombarded by CRAP.

I watched as an invitation to an individual who equates same sex marriage to people who participate in pedophilia, incest and polygamy was extended to give the Invocation at the Inauguration of President Elect Obama.

Rick Warren? What? I thought about it ALL day and I tried to understand the reasoning behind this choice. I even listened to the concept that in Mr. Warren’s accepting this invitations invited discussion and actually reduced his impact with the Religious Right. I am not convinced. I am not opposed to dialog, I applaud the desire, but to have this man front and center at the opening of a ceremony that was to invite a new voice to the 21st century makes me not want to watch a moment in history that I was SO looking forward to. I openly wept the night we elected Mr. Obama and now I feel rather betrayed by this choice.

I watched Rachel Maddow this evening, as I try most evenings to do. Gavin Newsom was a guest on the show discussing just this issue. Yee Gads this man is SO awesome. I got to see him speak live during his first run as Mayor of SF. Within moments of taking office he allowed same sex couples to get marriage licenses and to marry in SF. What a time to live in SF. This is a man that has openly and honestly campaigned for equal rights for all.

When the post is available, I shall share it with you.

(For those who do not know, Ms. Maddow is an openly gay commentator for MSNBC and can be heard daily on Air America. She is intelligent and witty and has been in a committed relationship for many years.)

There has been some excellent stuff happing as well and I guess that I need to share that with you as well.

The Antikythera Computer

With a lot of dedication and research, THIS

Can become this!

Watch this dry but interesting video

Lastly, Jilly sent me this and it made me giggle enough to want to share!

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