Friday, December 19, 2008

This is my day today...Whatever!

Read this for giggles!

The Covering - VI The Lovers

You may be faced with an important choice at the moment, and it is likely that one option will appear much easier than the other. Think carefully, though, before making your decision, as it is important that you act in an unselfish way. In matters of the heart, the Lovers bring hope, and they may also indicate positive relationships with friends and colleagues.

Chinese Astrology
You’ll have the chance to live a stable love relationship with a person on whom you can lean unreservedly. Good ambiance in your family: you’ll run the risk of being confronted with a dilemma! You’ll be in a position to achieve the project dearest to your heart. Your edginess will make your gestures ill-controlled and will lessen the rapidity as well as the precision of your reflexes.

A new person has been trying to get into your life recently, and you should start to consider letting them in! They will bring some new complications for sure, but they will also bring new concepts and new ideas! So make some time soon to meet with this person and toss ideas back and forth. It will be more fun than you think, not to mention a great way to grow your relationship and take it to a deeper, more intellectual level. The two of you could become a very good team.

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