Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday December 25th

It was excellent to see my family these past 2 days. I have the most excellent niece, 2 amazing nephews and to get to spend this time with them each year is a true joy. I hope that all of you have had a wonderful holiday.

This is a picture I took in Chicago of '07 right after B&B, looking straight up at the Bean in Millennium Park. This was an amazing day, I actually got to stand on the top of the Marina City Building, outside and everything and see the entirety of Chicago with the wind in my hair and the soft summer breeze that came off of the lake. It was one of those moments and one of those days!

We are in a search for the wonderful and the sublime; the things that are of such excellence, grandeur, and beauty that they can actually inspire. When we get a glimpse at the slightest possibility of such a moment it is our responsibility to do everything in our capability to grab hold and make the most of it.

When we realize that these are the moments that we continue our journey for and that these moments can take you farther and mean more if you can only see and acknowledge the importance of them.

If you get to have one of these moments or are lucky enough to experience several in your lifetime, you have been blessed. Make sure that you can recognize and realize the importance of each of these experiences. The biggest problem that I see with most is that they just think that life linear; it is has a beginning, middle and an end. I believe that our lives are spherical; and need to be lived in all directions at once, with great abandon and with childish joy. I have tried to live by this life lesson; It has been my hope that I can see when I have something fantastic with-in my grasp and take it for all that I am able to.

For all of us that have a bit of a theatre background I was sad to read that Harold Pinter has passed away. He may be most known for his play, The French Lieutenant’s Woman.

Let us pause!

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