Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday December 4th

Full Moon Rise Over the Rincon Mountains: an amazing sight to witness

The moon is on it’s way to being full, this time of year is so awesome because the moon sets in a direction that I can lay in my bed at night and watch it set to the west. The air is so clear and the moon is so very, very bright.

I have just made the decision to go over the western hills either tomorrow night or the next night to watch the moon over the desert. There is this spot that I discovered a while back that has this really cool turn-off that I can park my car after sunset and watch the stars come out and the moon rise over the Rincon mountains and over Tucson.

It took me forever to figure out why downtown Tucson is so damn dark. The streets are barely lit and for my first several months here I thought that it was rather bizarre, especially since it is a really big college town.

But then I figured out that it is a really big college town that has a HUGE and really FAMOUS Astronomy Department and you need to look at the stars in order to study them and the city lights interfere with this process. Well Duh!

Class begins tomorrow morning and I am looking forward to a really excellent 4 days. I have had a really long day of getting the house ready and setting up the studio for a pretty full class.

I will post as the weekend continues.

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