Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday August 27th

I had another beautiful morning walking around Chicago as the sun rose and the city woke. Got to Starbucks the moment they opened up and just sauntered (Scott and I both agree that it is a wonderful word, right up there with meander.) around sipping my java and breathing in the city. I went to my favorite cigar store and stocked up on some excellent boxes. I got 3 or 4 of my favorite Acid Cigar Brand Boxes.

I was on a picture-taking spree all morning till my camera battery died the death of my stupidity for not knowing that it was time to charge the damn thing. Well I have great pic’s to post when I get home tomorrow!

I drove off around noon and wound my way back to Dayton. Only a 5 hour drive for me today. I was very pleased by that for sure. Mom and I went out for diner and we were both captivated by Bill and Joe’s speeches tonight at the convention.

Bill brought down the house and Joe went on the attack! The plan is coming together for the Dem’s. Let’s get it right folks! We cannot afford to screw this one up. It was so awesome that Obama made an appearance and really got the house rocking!

Looking forward to going home to my girls (if they forgive me in less than an hour this time.) jumping in my pool and sleeping in my bed tomorrow night. I’ll take the rest of Thursday off and a good portion of Friday as well.

As my dad used to say, “I am TRD tired” I really am going to enjoy a solid 24 hours off where I have to do nothing that I do not want to!

More when I get home.

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